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The journey with Janet for a Tarameg puppy was one that we will never forget. From the email saying that the puppies had arrived, seeing pictures of the puppies grow, to visiting the puppies and wanting to take them all home, and making the big decision. We just love our Tarameg NUGGET.

Donna and Ralph
Mt. Airy, MD
Our Tarameg is a superior Golden Retriever. He has an excellent temperament, wonderful personality, and is highly intelligent. Janet has high quality breeding standards which are reflected in the exceptional health, temperament, and physical proportions of her Golden Retrievers. I value Janet's breeding philosophy and how she conducts the selection process of the puppies."

Doreen and Steve
Edgewater, Maryland
My beloved seven year old lab died suddenly last January and I was heartbroken. Your family's goldens were the only dogs my trainer would even recommend. I am forever grateful for finding your wonderful pups and for bringing me my Shelby.

Springfield, VA
He is the love of my life. He filled the hole left in my heart from an 8 year old Golden that passed away while with us in the North Woods of Maine. We had to take him to a small town called Dexter, Maine to have him sent home to us. His name was Montana. I never thought I would love a dog like I did Montana…. I was so wrong. Dexter has passed every expectation I could have ever had. He is truly the best Golden we have ever had…and we have had a golden in our home since 1980. Dexter is truly a dream come true….a little naughty at times but that just makes me love him more.

Ginny and Dave
Indiana, PA
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To find beauty in life, I remember being in the backyard with her and she would just sit and let the wind blow through her hair and look off into the distance. One of my favorite photos I took of her is one where she is laying down in the grass and the wind is going through her hair and she has her eyes closed, smiling. She looks so at peace and in love with her environment. She had a curiosity and appreciation for life that I try to incorporate every day, walking to work, looking for small things to smile about. Also while walking, I remember the way she would walk, and try to add a little spring in my step and a little strut to my walk for her.